Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steve Quayle and Russ Dizdar Are Mistaken

Good day. Yesterday my family celebrated a birthday. It was a beautiful day. Our kids had a lot of fun. We got my boy the Chronicles of Riddick trilogy on dvd. We got some back-packs and some posters and stuff for him. And a new air-powered rifle that shoots pellets like a bb gun. Very cool. I am fortunate to be able to buy prizes for our children on birthdays and holidays. We try to stick to prizes that have some degree of practical use. We try to stay away from worthless trinkets or video games. We have a video game system. It is a nintendo game cube which was outdated like 5 years ago. The kids play it maybe 2 hours per week. Compare that to kids with an X-box 280zx 5000 turbo-charged Rainbow six ipod wi playstation 950000 who play the game 10-12 hours per day! 70+ hours per week! Yikes! Anyway, we had a party day yesterday so I did not practice the dreamchecks and mindfullness very much at all. I did have some semi-lucid dreams last night though, but I forgot to put the dream journal near my sleeping spot. Today I am regrouping, and redoubling my efforts for dreamchecks and affirming the eventuality of astral projection and/or lucid dreaming. +++ I was checking out Steve Quayles website because I listen to the Q-Files once or twice per week. I like Steve Quayle and his show is great. But I disagree with his guest Russ Dizdar. Russ Dizdar preaches that remote viewing and astral plane travel are in and of themselves evil. Not true. Do evil men make use of these abilities? Yes of course they do. Do evil men use the Holy Bible for evil ends? Yes. Do evil men use science to commit sinister deeds? Yes. Is science evil? No. +++ The subtle energy body is a natural part of our physical form, it is not something made by demons in a dark ritual. The astral planes are a natural part of the multi-dimensional energy matrix we call the universe. The Lord Jesu himself said "In my Father's house are many mansions". Every year more discoveries are made, bringing what was once thought of as magic into the realm of science. If Russ Dizdar really wants to fight evil, he should join the Astral resistance and take the fight to the spiritual enemy on the real battleground. The book of Revelation describes what John saw while he was "in the spirit", or "out of body". John was in the spiritual planes. What he was doing was not "of the devil", it was a spiritual ability or spiritual gift. This ability belongs to us just like the ability to dream. Is dreaming "evil"? No. Of course not. Enoch travelled out of body. Muhammed travelled out of body. Ezekiel travelled out of body. Countless sages and saints have done the same. Countless holy men and lady-saints have recieved visions while dreaming or in a spiritual trance or "in the spirit" (out of body). To glorify the power of evil, like on Russ Dizdar's website, only makes evil more powerful. And to preach that out of body exploration is evil and of the devil is playing right into the ignorance which evil requires to exist in the first place. I will give you the link to Russ Dizdar's website so that you can see what I mean. This man could be a powerful astral warrior if he would let go of his preconcieved notions and false ideas. What was good for heros of the Bible is good for us too. We are supposed to fight and struggle just like those champions of the Bible did. There are many opinions and personal dogmatic ideas and sensational dispensations which have been woven into the Christian culture over the centuries that are just simply not accurate or true. We have to find it out for ourselves. And you can't do that from a book. I for one am going in. I am going IN to that spirit world within, and find it out for myself. God would not forbid that. I know it in my heart and in my gut, which were given to me by God. Steve Quayle's website is . Russ Dizdar's website is . Find it out for yourself. Meanwhile, keep up on the dreamchecks! Good day.

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