Monday, June 22, 2009

Astral Combat and Psionic Astral Weapons

We found this excellent description of astral combat on the website, you may want to familiarize yourself with the wide range of techniques, tools, and options. Here is the article:
"Astral combat:This refers to actually fighting evil spirits on their own plane of existence. It can happen while meditating in a dream like state, while asleep, or otherwise astral projecting or having an out of body experience. There are several types of astral combat, and I will try to cover them all. feel free to post any questions or even pm me.Energy contests:An energy contest can happen between humans or human vs spirit. It involves focusing your energy to overcome your opponent. If you can focus the energy of your own soul and aura, you can then project that energy and attempt to engulf an enemy in it. In these contests whomever has the strongest combination of energy, knowledge, and force of will is most likely to win. Keep in mind that since spirits live astrally 24/7 they always have a greater knowledge with extremely few minor exceptions.Projected weapon:This works similarly to the energy contest, but the combatants form their spirit energy into weapons and weapon-like forms and battle each other after the fashion of the physical world. Energy, knowledge, and force of will are again the main determining factors, but skill plays a larger role than it does in a basic energy contest. Typical weapons are swords and dagger-like bladed weapons. Realistic battles:These appear to be normal battles as one would have in the physical realm, with some dream-like qualities to it. It takes place in a pocket dimension in the spirit world that is constructed by thoughts, emotions and memories of the combatants. It could appear to be in any time frame, but in my experience medieval settings are most common. Opponents look human, though they are often spirits. In fact it is very rare for two human souls to battle this way. These can be so realistic, that upon waking, one might suffer physical symptoms similar to those experienced during a panic attack: rapid pulse, irrational fear, shaking, inability to speak, and others. These are almost always temporary; in fact, I have only heard of one case where permanent physical damage was done. Supernatural battles:These can appear almost exactly the same and have the same effects as the realistic battles. The difference is that there are more than just minor dream-like qualities to it. Spirits may appear in their true forms, one might battle against monsters. Otherworldly weapons may be involved. These can be extremely strange, scary, and possibly dangerous. It is the most dangerous form of astral combat; for example, a demon in its true form could cause lasting damage; damage it would not do if it was in a realistic battle in human form. You could expect to fight shadow monsters, wizards, dragons, or any number of other bizzare and deadly creatures here. AVOID if at all possible. If you realize you are in an astral battle, you can easily flee to your body. Its just like waking up from a lucid dream.Specifics of types of astral combat and examples of their usesEnergy contests: These are very basic and happen all the time. Ever fight off an urge to do something you would not normally do? If so then you have fought and won an energy contest. It helps to picture your own energy aura, then try to find the energy trying to get through it. Picture how your aura moves, and try to see the opposing one if you can. You can, by concentrating, control how your aura moves, and focus it upon the area being attacked. Concetrate your aura in any weak points. It will seem to become thicker or darker, less likely to let anything in. Shielding will be exceptionally useful in this battle, so use it if you know how. (A shielding tutorial will be coming soon after this one). Once you determine where the attack is coming from, focus your aura in that direction, sending your energy to overcome it. If the other combatant does not give up and leave, your energy will strike it, causing it to weaken until it is forced away. Maintaining concentration is a key factor in successful energy contests.Projected weapon: As I stated above, this is almost the same as an energy contest. A key difference is that it happens astrally or in a meditative state more often than not. You will often see your opponent, and even seem to fight them as you might fight someone in the physical realm. The weapons used will be spiritual ones. Often, energy balls will be used as weapons, and shielding can be key to success. Someone's spiritual weapon will likely be the same color as their aura, and translucent (like a lightsaber). This is almost always going to be a one on one battle. There can be physical reactions to the battle, such as shaking; or flinching as if physically hit. There will be no physical damage from the battle, unless a twitch of the body causes you to strike an object in the physical."


aaron said...

ok your a first i looked high and low on the planet earth to find this that "god(whatever you call it lol)"
thanks a ton .also ? why is that i will take the form of a dragon on the astal????

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I'm sorry i missed your comment before. Are you asking me why you always appear as a dragon when you are out of body? Also, what did you mean when you said something about searching high and low?
Joel the K

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My friend Joph originally wrote this! I am glad we are getting some use out of it!

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